Low Oxalate Foods

Knowing the food that has low levels of oxalate if the best way to effectively execute a low oxalate diet. There are several low oxalate foods that exist that can help to avoid the generation of kidney stones. Take a look at the ones that are listed below:

Dairy Products

There are a variety of dairy products that possess a low oxalate levels. Therefore if you want to follow a diet that is low in oxalate it is good to make dairy product apart of your diet. These products include:
1. Buttermilk
2. Cheese
3. Milk
4. Non-fat Yogurt

A diet that relies on low oxalate food cannot be complete without vegetables. Therefore you should try and find out the vegetables that are considered to have a low oxalate level.

These vegetables are:

1. Peeled cucumber
2. Zucchini squash
3. Frozen green peas
4. White cabbage
5. Alfalfa sprouts

However for those individuals that have been affected by kidney stones, it is best if they circumvent vegetables such as spinach, green peas, potatoes and kale from their diet. This is because their oxalate levels are very high.

The consumption of meat

In countries like Canada, U.S and Australia meat is their staple. There are a few meats that are low oxalate food and sardines aren’t one of it. This is because sardines are extremely high in oxalate and individuals should try their best to not consume it. Here is list of meats that are perfect for a low oxalate diet:
1. Eggs
2. Turkey
3. Lean-pork
4. Lean-chicken
5. Lamb


For those individuals with a sweet tooth, if you are on a diet that is considered to be low in oxalate, there is no need to eliminate sweets from your diet. However you have to be mindful of the amount of sweets that are consumed. Therefore control is the key when consumes sweets that are low oxalate foods such as:

1. Jellies
2. Pure maple syrup
3. Jams
4. Honey


It is permissible that you include low oxalate fruits into your diet. There are many low oxalate foods to choose from and the most common ones are:

1. Cantaloupe
2. Watermelon
3. Papaya
4. Grapes
5. Mangoes
6. Peeled apples
All of these foods that have been listed above should be consumed as much as possible with plenty of water, if your intention is to abide by the rules of a low oxalate diet in an effort to reduce the reoccurrences of your kidney stones or simply to prevent them.

2 thoughts on “Low Oxalate Foods

  1. I have learned that the purple-colored grapes contain high oxalate
    while the green ones don^t.
    Please let us know!

    • Green grapes are considered to have very low oxalate content, and while red and purple grapes are slightly higher in oxalates, they are still considered to have low overall oxalate content.

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